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CDJ 50th Anniversary Virtual Issue

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The CDJ 50th Anniversary Virtual Issue is now freely available online for anyone to read.

The Virtual Issue includes 11 articles from the Community Development Journal archives -  selected for their ongoing significance and contribution to thinking - plus an editorial introduction from Keith Popple.

Links to individual articles can be found below. The Virtual Issue can also be found in full on the Oxford University Press website, accompanied by short contributions from the individuals who has made each selection explaining why they chose the paper.

Keith Popple

Popple, K. (2008) ‘The first forty years: the history of the Community Development Journal'
Selected by Mick Carpenter and Keith Popple

Batten, T. R. (1974) 'The Major Issues and Future Direction of Community Development'
Selected by Sue Kenny
International Advisory Board member

Waddington, P. (1979) ‘Looking ahead: community work in the 1980s’
Selected by Marilyn Taylor
Editorial Board member

Smiley, C. W. (1982) ‘Managing agreement: the Albilene Paradox’
Selected by Gary Craig
Editor 1981-1997

Botes, L. and van Rensburg, D. (2000) ‘Community participation in development: nine plagues and twelve commandments’
Selected by Mick Carpenter

Cannan, C. (2000) ‘The environmental crisis, greens and community development’
Selected by Keith Popple
Editor 1998-2003

Shaw, M. and Martin, I. (2000) ‘Community work, citizenship and democracy: remaking the connections’
Selected by Marjorie Mayo
Former Editorial Board member

Berner, E. and Phillips, B. (2005) ‘Left to their own devices? Community self-help between alternative development and neo liberalism’
Selected by Kwok-Ki Fung
International Advisory Board member

Cornwall, A. (2008) ‘Unpacking “Participation”: models, meaning and practices’
Selected by Mae Shaw
Editorial Board member

Andharia, J. (2009) ‘Editorial: Critical Explorations of Community Organization in India’
Selected by Chris Miller
Editor 2003-2009

Ennis, G. and West, D. (2013) ‘Using social network analysis in community development practice and research: a case study’
Selected by Nino Vasadze
International Advisory Board member