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CDJ Symposium Papers

Please be aware that most of these papers are in draft format. Permission from the author needs to be sought if you wish to quote or refer to any of the papers.

Community development as ‘knowledge intersections’ in contemporary New Zealand.
Jenny Aimers and Peter Walker

Fieldwork in CO: Privileging Process of Political Engagement.
Janki Andharia

Organising in the New Marketplace: Contradictions and Opportunities for Community Development Organisations in the Ashes of Neoliberalism.
Ingrid Birkett

Communities of Practice, Communities of Compliance or Communities of Resistance? Regional Networks in the Adult and Community Education Sector in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Marion Bowl

Local government performance, community development and political behaviour in South Africa.
Imraan Buccus

Reimagining community development, social diversity and the new metropolis.
Barry Chekoway

Structure and Agency: a debate for community development?
Stuart Connor

Addressing the needs of orphans and vulnerable children: Strengthening ongoing community actions in Nyanza province, Kenya.
Dipankar Datta

Leadership in Community Development Projects as Co-operate Management.
Ulrich Deller

Diverse food economies or multi-variant capitalism: the community dynamic shaping contemporary-food systems.
Jane Dixon

‘We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For’: Community Development, Collective Identity and Agency in the Age of Obama.
Akwugo Emejulu

“Strengthening women’s participation in local governance: lessons and strategies”.
Janine Hicks

Bottom up facilitation to improve water management in Vietnam.
Kumiko Takanashi, Dao To Quyen, Nguyen Thi Le Hoa, Nguyen Thi Le Hoa and Masamine Jimba

“We can’t work together if we hate each other”: the challenges of community development in a post-conflict context.
Vaughn John

Towards unsettling community development.
Sue Kenny

LED and partnerships: critical reflections from South Africa.
Lochner Marais

Communities: Globalisation and the Politics of Fear.
Angus McCabe and Mandy Wilson

What became of The Local State? Neo-liberalism, community development and local government.
Martin Mowbray

Managing democracy: localism in crisis. From dissent to incorporation, dilution and fragmentation.
Matthew Scott

Towards a strategic model for developing participatory governance.
Pat Shannon and Peter Walker

Community development in contemporary ethnic-pluriform neighbourhoods.
Peer Smets

Community development – building on contradiction.
Hilde Van Vlaenderen