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Free Special Supplement: "Commons Sense: New thinking about an old idea"

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We're delighted to announce that articles from the Community Development Journal Special Supplement on "the commons" are freely available for anyone to read on a permanent basis. With contributions from internationally influential scholar-activists, the supplement contains a series of critical reflections on the current blossoming of new interest in this old idea.

The special issue can be found in full on the Oxford University Press website.

Mary McDermott

Learning from The Wealth of the Commons: a review essay
Mae Shaw

The commons, the Battle of the Book and the cracked enclosures of academic publishing
Ă“rla O'Donovan

An Urban Commons? Notes from South Africa
Richard Pithouse

The water is ours damn it! Water commoning in Bolivia
Alexander Dwinell and Marcela Olivera

Playing, praying and preying: cultural clash and paradox in the traditional music commonage
Fintan Vallely

The commons: a brief life journey
Massimo De Angelis

Green politics and the republican commons
Derek Wall

Commons against and beyond capitalism
George Caffentzis and Silvia Federici

No commons without a community
Maria Mies

Community and commons: The role of community development support in sustaining the commons
Frank Van Laerhoven and Clare Barnes

From imagination to action: building a commons movement from the ground up: an interview with Julie Ristau and Alexa Bradley
Tom O'Connell

Commoning in the new society
Gustavo Esteva